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St Conor's Primary School, Omagh

St Conor's Anthem


                                               There's a well known School                                                  
On the Brookmount Road
For Education it has fame
In the days of yore  
It was called Culmore
Now St Conor's is its name.

For we are the children of St Conor's
                                 We are the children of Culmore                                    
May we always be true
To the Grey and Blue
    It's St Conor's for evermore.


At the age of four
We came through the door
To our Parents we held tight
and we all had our fears
As we choked back the tears
But our future was sure and bright.


Well the years pass by
In the twink of an eye
Very soon we will move on
But we'll never forget
All the friends we have met
And we'll always sing our song.


(Composed and arranged by Mrs M Connolly - past teacher at the school)