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St Conor's Primary School, Omagh

Accelerated Reader

In KS2 we use Accelerated Reader as our approach to reading. The children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all regularly borrow books from the library, take quizes on them and progress through the reading scheme.

The children all take a reading test to determine their reading ability at the beginning of each year.


They are then given a ‘reading range’ and this tells them the area of the library that they can borrow books from.


The range given is matched to their reading ability so that they choose books that they can read comfortably or provide more of a challenge.


Example of a quiz page

The scores children receive from the quizes they take are monitored by class teachers. When they are regularly passing quizes for the level they are on, the teacher gives them permission to move up a level.

We use a library system called ‘Junior Librarian’ where the children scan their books out and back in again. Each child has their own bar code so that we can keep track of their lending record. The children are able to borrow the books for up to 7 days at a time and they are asked to take their quiz no more than 24 hours after finishing their book.


Personalised bar codes.

The most fundamental part of Accelerated Reader is that the children are given 20 minutes of reading time each day. This happens each morning in school and any extra reading that they do at home is a brilliant bonus!


The children each have a reading log. In this they record the book that they have chosen and note down each time they read. The reading log is the perfect place for the children to keep track of their quiz scores and any points earned. It is also an opportunity for parents to note down when they listen to their child or if they see their child reading independently.


In school, there are reward systemd for children who achieve 100% on their quiz. Each time a child scores 100% they write their name on a ticket. Each week, one 100% ticket is drawn and a prize is given to the winner. When a child scores five 100% scores in a row, they receive a  prize from the Treasure Trove. At the end of each half term, there is an awards ceremony for all classes. There are special prizes for pupils who have made the most reading progress and a silver cup for the class who have read the most books.


This is a successful approach to reading. At St Conor's Primary we truly want the children to develop a love for reading because once they have achieved that we believe they can go on to achieve anything!