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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall

Titanic STEM activities.

25th Mar 2021

After all our Titanic research, P7 have been learning about what makes a boat buoyant. First we were investigating the different shapes that float in water. We put a ball of play dough into the water and it sank.Then we made the play dough into a boat shape and it floated!

We have applied our problem solving skills by completing a STEM challenge to find out if we could make a boat from tin foil to beat Mr Mc Crory's record of 31 pennies.We had great fun designing boats and finding out how many pennies they would hold.The record was 67 pennies in one tiny tin foil boat made by Ryan.
We then wrote up our experiment using scientific language and investigated the science behind floating and sinking. We found out it had a lot do with mass, upthrust and density.