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St Conor's Primary School, Omagh

Year 1MM explore Animal Homes at the Gortin Glens Forest Park

13th Feb 2020

Year 1MM had a wonderful morning exploring the Gortin Glens Forest Park! The children were keen to point out the different types of houses and homes they could find on their journey to the Forest Park. Upon arriving at the Park, the little explorers had a picnic before they began their exciting adventure with Lynn, our park ranger.

Lynn was able to show the children various animal homes around the Forest Park. Children were able to find dreys, burrows, bat boxes, nests, ponds and they even found the tree belonging to ‘Stick Man!’ The children had to collect acorns for the squirrels’ breakfast and place them at the bottom of the tree!

The little explorers were able to complete Lynn’s challenge and locate loose twigs on the ground and create a cosy nest for the Gortin Glens Blue Tit. After a busy morning, the children called to wave to Santa’s reindeer’s, however they were playing a very good game of hide and seek! Lynn invited the children return with their parents on another occasion to continue their adventure! Thank you Lynn!! The Year 1 children had a lovely experience exploring animal homes in the Gortin Glens.