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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall

Board Of Governors

Role of the Board of Governors

The role of the Board of Governors is to make sure that the school provides pupils with a good education. The Board of Governors:

  • sets the school's plans and policies
  • employs the school staff
  • manages how the school spends budget

The Board of Governors of St Conor's 2018-2023

The Board of Governors of St Conor's Primary School & Nursery Unit comprises four Trustee representatives, a DENI representative, two representatives from the Education Authority, one teacher and one parent governor. The School Principal, while not a Board member, is in attendance and acts as secretary. Each Board sits for four years, with this current Board of Governors having been constituted in September 2018.  The Board meets at least once per term and produces an Annual Governors' Report which is made available to parents on request.


Rev Fr Eugene Hasson

Mr Michael Drumm (Chair)




Mr Paul Donnelly



Mrs Anne Marie Sheridan (Governor for Child Protection)


Mr Gary McCrory


Mr Eugene McGrade


Mrs Katrina McGettigan (Principal)