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St Conor's Primary School, Omagh

School Council


Our School Council Mission statement:

We all have the right to be heard and listened to. We all want our school to be as safe and happy as it can be where we continue to grow and develop into the best we can be.

Our School Council comprises of 16 elected pupils. In September, class elections take place to elect one boy and one girl from each class to sit on our School Council. The councillors elected for this year (2019/2020) are

Year 7

Tom Sheridan

Dana Coyle

Lucy Sheridan

Michael Harbison

Year 6

Elsa McCrory

Killian McClean

Dara Sheridan

Clare Mechan 

Year 5

Paul McSorley

Leah McMillan

Shea Meehan

Aine Barrett-Wylie

Year 4

Fionn Devlin

Emma Owens-Duddy

Ronan Barton

Ruby Taggart

Our photos and names are on our School Council notice board along the main corridor. We also wear School Councillor badges to help you identify us.


Roles and Responsibilities

The School Council meets once every month.

We have an agenda for each meeting which guides our discussions. Our first task is to hold an internal vote for positions within the council and assign roles and responsibilities.

Chairperson Michael Harbison
Vice-Chairperson Tom Sheridan
Secretary Elsa McCrory
Timekeeper Fionn Devlin

As School Councillors, it is our responsibility:

• To remain committed to our role as school councillor, be punctual for meetings and act as role models for peers.
• To take the views of classmates to the school council meetings.
• Let classmates know what was discussed at the meetings.
• To help organise and get involved in school council projects.


The School Council are always ready to listen and become pro-active in ensuring everyone’s thoughts and ideas are heard and given due consideration.


  • There is a suggestion box in each classroom to ensure everyone has an opportunity to put their ideas and thoughts to the Council. Please use the suggestion forms and keep ideas coming. These are read at each School Council meeting held and those ideas which can be discussed or investigated further, will be selected.


  • Class Councils are another way in which children can voice their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Our school Councillors are a great help in getting these up and running! The class representatives on the School Council can then bring everyone’s ideas/voices to the monthly meetings. This way the School Council tries to make sure everyone’s voice is being heard.


  • Tuesday breaktimes are designated meeting times for invited pupils to come and discuss their ideas with School Councillors. Keep an eye on the School Council noticeboard for notification of invites!